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Welcome to the home of Beattie's Marine Transport. We haul boats of just about any size to locations throughout North America. Whether the owners of luxury yachts, motor boats, or sailboats, our customers have been relying on Beattie's for years to ensure their boat's safe and timely transport.

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Experienced boat owners know that trying to haul a large watercraft behind a pick-up truck is plain unsafe. Valuing their boats and the lives of fellow travelers, they understand the importance of hiring a properly licensed, insured, and professionally trained boat hauler—a boat hauler like Beattie's Marine Transport.

For those heading south for the winter or north for the summer, Beattie's can also haul your car, saving you time, unnecessary wear on your vehicle, and gas money to boot. Our record stands for itself. So long as you do your job and prepare your boat properly, we'll go overboard in our effort to bring your boat safely to port... ship shape!


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